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Sensible Design

Studio Three feels that the idea answering the question of ‘sustainable design’ is not about finding a ‘one-off’ design solution but rather about finding an answer to the larger question that is being asked by the need for ‘sustainable design’. So, our approach to this problem is to take into consideration as many aspects of the built environment that we can include: programming, constructability, material availability, orientation, ventilation options, lighting opportunities; and let those features help to direct the solution toward a more responsible or sensible solution.

What we are practicing is not just a fad but instead a methodology for approaching the design of built environment. From orientation diagrams to varied roof forms, from simply constructed breathable skins to the use of recycled content materials, from highly insulated cavities to effective ventilation strategies, from natural day-lighting to shaded exterior spaces, our solutions are sound in principle and viable in reality.

This approach stands apart from the other ‘high-tech’ solutions because it looks more closely at what ‘we’ as citizens and residents of communities can do to affect our lives and empowers us to create a community that is personal and sustainable. Our architecture is the Sensible approach.

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