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V_gishler3_lgOur diversity of experience in the design professions, the construction trades as a general contractor, and as a design build organization has also provided Studio Three with an opportunity to become acutely tuned to the specific “build-ability” of projects and how to get you the most for your money as well as how to take advantage of each and every opportunity that might present itself.  We are a firm that is constantly looking to improve our work via high-quality design, detailing, performance, and client satisfaction.  We are a new and fresh approach to architecture and we are willing to work with you to meet all of your expectations.  Part of our success has been due to our relative size as a firm.  We are sized to devote our office resources to your project and flexible enough to meet any challenge that might arise during the process.  We are not the large firm that will assign your project to the next available team without regard for your needs; we are committed to our work and in turn to our clients.

Every project we undertake is given the opportunity to grow and mature into whatever its’ potential allows.  This growth is at the heart of every great solution.  Whether the solution is simple or complex, the effort we put forth to find the best answer is never reduced.

Our interests are first in meeting our clients described needs and fulfilling our obligation to local, state, and federal agencies with regard to life-safety and well-being, and second in finding innovative design and detailing solutions that try to advance our understanding of quality aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and cost management.  At this time in the design and construction industries, sustainability or the desire to make our buildings and landscapes more environmentally sensible has become an expectation and not the exception.  This awareness of the impact of the constructed world on the bigger planet systems is also permeating the purchasing sector of the equation.  Citizens are now beginning to make decisions with the environment in mind and we feel that we have one of the most current understandings of how to integrate sustainable ideas into design solutions that go deeper than merely specifying energy efficient appliances.

The relatively small size of our firm allows us to be flexible and attentive to all our clients needs.  Whether in schematic design or construction documents we are able to respond in a timely and effective manner.  In addition, our size also allows us to devote our time to each and every individual project without distraction and interruptions.  We believe this is an asset in today’s market.


We are a collection of young professionals who have come together to give back to our mid-western community the spirit, vitality, and quality that it deserves.  We are also committed to efficiency, world environmental awareness, and honest aesthetic through the promotion of the rewards of high quality design and innovation of aesthetics, materials, and environmentalism in each and every project without compromising on customer satisfaction, safety, or our responsibility to global sustainability.

Our core of licensed professionals represents a broad spectrum of experience and specialties.  We come from the fields of architecture, construction, landscape architecture, urban design, graphics, and higher education.  This mix of abilities allows us to seamlessly provide a full range of services to our clients whether big or small.
In our many years of construction and project delivery we have tuned ourselves to the materials and methods that can deliver the best results and economy.  Our commitment to a client is all of the above plus innovation in design, materials, and approach.  We are not just another firm; we are the ones who have the experience and the desire to go beyond what has always been done.

Because of our on-going involvement with the academic community, we feel that we are able to bring to the Midwest region what the entire globe has to offer in terms of new ideas and ways of thinking.  This vast array of knowledge does not, however, mean that we will loose sight of our client’s individual goals, needs, or desires.  Simply put, we just want to do the best work possible every time.


Studio Three is a firm located in Downtown Muncie, Indiana that has recently spun-off a long established design/build company called handHEWN Design & Construction Co. Inc. Studio Three is a firm that has formed to address a need in east-central Indiana for innovation in the environmental design fields and construction practices. Our background is quite varied but at the core is more than 20 years of experience in realm of residential design and construction from a broad spectrum of clients and in a wide range of locations. That experience has given this firm a unique ability to design with our client’s needs, budgets, and innovation in mind and that is not common in most architectural practices.

As part of our commitment to your specific project needs, we will draw upon our research and experience in public and private housing throughout the country to better address the social, community, economic, and environmental needs that are primary factors in a project such as yours. We will bring into our philosophy and approach the proven knowledge that has been laid out by other innovators in the design fields. Research and learning from these resources will allow us to deliver to you a product that not only meets your expectations and budgets, but also addresses many of the basic social and practical needs that have for so long eluded the built environment.

We feel that our experience and desires as an architectural practice are so innovative that clients will find their past understandings of what the design professions have offered to be lacking in so many ways. We are a company that has physically built buildings for years and yet has always been passionate about design innovation and community engagement. We are a company that can bring to you a package of services that are customizable to your needs and a willingness to be the best we can be on each and every project.

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